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With many years of assistance and experience for model design and fabrication in School, College universities, Scientific organizations and industries. we are now skilled enough for providing following services.



























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Idea Consultancy

[we provide concept for your idea to make it real]

Model Creation

[we develop lab scale model]

Model Research

[we find each and every problems associated to your lab scale model and provide Solution]

Virtual Model

[we make prototype model of your idea in the form of working animation clip]

True Prototype

[we make actual working lab model not dummy]

Innovation lectures

[we give lecture for developing innovation culture in working environment]

Idea to model

[we develop lab model for your idea]

Idea Blueprints

[we make prototype model of your idea in graphical format which are easy to understand and explain]

Novelty Research

[we find out weather your model is patent-able or not. If not, what changes cam make it patent-able]

3-D Prototype

[we make prototype of your model in plastic]

Lab Models

[we make user dependent lab equipment]

Fabrication Workshops

[we provide any one techniques for fabrication depending on your need]